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October 11, 2008 waterswife

So let me first send a shout out to ya’ll!! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but ya’ll have been commenting up a storm and I really wanted to thank you! Most of you found me through OSB, and your comments have just been SO uplifting! I get an email when someone comments on here and let me tell ya…there is nothing like having a hard day at work and receiving an email with a message of inspiration! So again…THANK YOU!!!!

So, lets talk clothes. Every girl loves clothes, right? Well, when we fit into them, we do. Several years ago when I got too big for any normal clothing, I found that Old Navy had plus size women’s clothing in their store! I was beyond excited about this fact and would gladly drive 30 minutes to the ONE store in the valley that carried the plus size selection. I made this trek at least once a month and built up a nice selection of clothing. My most favorite thing about shopping there was that the clothes were fairly cheap and yet they were CUTE!

So after quite a few years, for some reason, Old Navy decided that carrying plus size clothes IN their store was not cool anymore. I mean, it was bad enough that the plus size was in one tiny little corner WAAAAAAAY in the back, because heaven forbid some one sees a plus size women shopping in their store…but now they are only going to sell their plus size…get this…ON-LINE. Furious about this fact, I called 1-800-OLD NAVY and complained. All I got was a $20 gift card to “help me with shipping”. Oh well, I started shopping on-line. Thank goodness Old Navy was consistent in their sizing!

That is…they USED to be consistent.

When I dropped my 45 lbs, hubby decided that I should go on-line and buy myself a new pair of jeans. My current pair of jeans were falling off me. (Don’t you love that feeling?!) So since the pair I was wearing was a 26 Old Navy, I ordered a size 24. From their picture, they were SOOOO cute! They had cute stitching on the pockets and flared a little at the bottoms. I waited and waited and waaaaaaited patiently for the week to pass. The minute the man in brown handed me my package, I quickly slammed the door and ripped open the package. They were just as cute as their picture! I slid out of my size 26 jeans and pulled these new 24s on. Uhhhhh….there was totally NO way they were going to button up. Sigh. Ok, I guess I am not a 24…yet! So I returned them and ordered a size 26 to replace them. Waited and waited…man in brown came again….hurried and opened them….aaaaaand….they won’t button up either! WHAT?! I checked and re-checked the tag. It says 26! I checked my old jeans…the ones that won’t stay on…they are 26! Both from Old Navy! So I call 1-800-Old Navy and sob my green eyes out to the customer service girl that it’s just not fair! How do I lose 45 lbs and go UP in size?? Lucky for me, I got a nice person on the phone and she kept telling me how sorry she was. She put in a request to pull the jeans and have some one re-measure them to make sure that they aren’t making them wrong.

So I return them again and ordered a size…gulp…28. Of course…they fit. So that is where the title of this post comes in. Lose 45 lbs, and gain two sizes of jeans. Go figure! So that was a month ago. Last week I got some bonus money at work and my cute hubby told me to get on-line and order me some clothes. No argument here! I found a cute pair of jeans and sat and wondered what size to order them in. I decided to just go with the 28. Well, they got here this week and they fit perfectly! (Although the sweater I ordered with said jeans fits like a muumuu and will be returned…so weird!)

So the moral of the story? First, Old Navy…can’t live with them, can’t live without them! Their clothes are just TOO cute and when they do fit, I love them. And I Love the way they have cute names, like “The Diva” or “The Flirt” sewn into the backs of them:

The second moral? I guess I just need to stop caring what the numbers say. The point is, is that I am down 45 lbs. Am I going to let a big chain company tell me how to feel about myself? No way! And as much as I reaaaaaaly wanted to fit into that size 24 jeans, just think of how much sweeter it’s going to be when I fit into the NEW size 24!

Oh PS…I am 2 and a half weeks “treat basket” free!!!!


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  • 1. Giddy-Up&hellip  | 

    I had no idea Old Navy had plus size clothing. I might have to check it out. And it’s good to know they are sized weird. It’s hard not to be hung up on sizes! Right now I’d be happy to get out of the 20’s. Congratulations on your 45lb weightloss. That’s awesome!

  • 2. Ashley Griffin&hellip  | 

    I know just how you feel. Especially when you think you are a certain size and you go try on and you aint close yet!!If you have a goodys nearby, they carry some DUckhead blujeans and that is all i wear now. they fit soo good and seem to be very forgiving.keep up good work on treat basket!!

  • 3. Ashley&hellip  | 

    I totally feel your pain. I too have lost 45lbs and I have only gone down 1 stinking size in clothes. You are way more upbeat about it than I am though! πŸ˜‰ I applaud your positive attitude! πŸ™‚

  • 4. Monty&hellip  | 

    Stupid sizes! I too have a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. Congrat’s on being ‘treat basket’ free!!

  • 5. A Slimmer Me&hellip  | 

    Ok, so I am not the only one who has major problems with Old Navy sizes!!! LOL I have two pairs of jeans that I wear from them religiously, but only because the others that I have from the store ( which, yes, are the same size) I can’t fit into! I noticed when I buy the ones that are wide ( like 20W) they fit me much better. I buy the boot-cut jeans from them since they are not snug against my legs..I hate my legs! LOL!!! Thanks for this post…wishing you the best for more weight loss ( and congrats on the bonus from work! ;))!Love,Sarah

  • 6. justlori2day&hellip  | 

    I found you today because the lovely Ashley posted on my blog. I have read many posts of hers, and have now perused your entire blog, and I think I may have found some encouragement! I NEED TO LOSE 60-80#. I have been making excuses for a year now and watching the scale steadily climb. I am not much of an eater, more of a sitter. I have fibromyalgia, rather, fibromyalgia has me. It is my crutch. And my weight is leaning heavily on it. My husband signed us up for hypnotherapy – him for smoking, me for dieting. I plan on coming back frequently – you are a pillar of encouragement!!!!! (BTW, I am probably going to copy and paste some of this only because I ditto it to Ashley!)

  • 7. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    I feel your pain with the sizes at old navy. Have you ever tried the “sweetheart” jeans. LOVE them- give them a try!Keep up the GREAT work. Kelly

  • 8. Jen&hellip  | 

    So they run small? I have looked and looked on line, added jeans in my basket from Old Navy, but never bought anything. Too scared that the sizing is off. Now, I have NO idea what size to order! I know what size my regular Old Navy jeans are, but my pre-triplet pregnant butt WON’T fit in those anymore!

  • 9. Theresa Cloyd&hellip  | 

    Hi Aimee, I found your blog from OSB. I really feel your pain in sizing problems. I don’t think I have 3 pairs of jeans the same size and that is the one article of clothing I hate buying the most. I’m so proud of you for losing 45lbs, great job! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep watching your blog for updates!

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