something that affected me this summer…

October 5, 2008 waterswife

Here’s a story I have been sitting on for quite some time…

About a month or so ago, I was driving home from work and talking to Tyson on my cell. Of course, I had my headset on and was paying close attention to the road. I was stopped at a red light and we were talking about how we had been going through a lot that summer. I basically said something like “when are we gunna catch a break??”

My light turned green and I started to go, but the car coming the opposite direction decided they wanted to turn left in front of our three lanes going straight. Because I was paying attention, I stopped and laid on my horn to let this car know that they are in the wrong. Unfortunately, the car next to me (who was not stopped at the light…they were just driving straight through) was not so lucky and slammed right into said car.

It freaked Tyson out because all he heard was me honking and then a crash! I assured him I was just fine, but needed to help out because the people were hurt.

The car who was in the wrong was being driven by a middle aged lady and she had some elderly ladies in her car. So two of the elderly ladies had to be taken away by ambulance. I am not sure what their injuries were, because I was over helping with a kid in the car that was going straight. That car was being driven by a early 20 something year old kid and his friend was in the car. The friend was in shock and had staggered to the sidewalk and laid down. He had a huge gash in his arm and his legs were bleeding. I kept trying to keep him laying down because his eyes were rolling in his head. The driver of that car had an obviously broken arm and was in a lot of pain too. The whole thing was scary, but the paramedics got their fast and everyone seemed to be okay in the end.

I was really lucky that it wasn’t me in either car. This really has been an eventful summer.


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  • 1. Paige and Dan&hellip  | 

    Wow, how scary. You were very blessed! Sorry about your car again. Congrats to Tyson!

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