So…about the break in…

October 5, 2008 waterswife

So Tuesday morning I went out to go get into my car to head to work and found my side passenger window smashed and my car trashed again. SIGH. So I shouted up the stairs to Tyson who ironically was at the top of the stairs to use his remote to let me into his car to get my sunglasses. Then I made three phone calls.

The first went something like this: “Hi Boss. um, (crying) I need the day off because I am going to have a nervous breakdown and my car has been broken into … yes, again!”

The second went like this: “Hi police…what? oh, sorry, I didn’t realize I called the CITY police and I needed to call the COUNTY police. Whats the number? (dials it into the phone as she says it) Well I am SO SORRY that hurt your ears! Did you want me to slice my finger open and write it down on my unbroken window with my blood?? sheesh.”

The third call was to the correct police dept where I filled a complaint. Of course…there is nothing they can do. So we spent the next few hours taking my car to have the window replaced, completely cleaning and vacuuming the inside of the car, and installing an “alarm” in my car.

Oh, like last time, only one thing was taken this time too. A small silver flashlight. LAME!

Now here is the thing…we still feel safer living here then we did in our last place. The neighborhood is really nice…it’s just near a not so nice area. So we think that the scums are walking over in the night and targeting cars with out alarms. So far, 5 days later, my car hasn’t been hit again…so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we took the right precautions this time.


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