The dreaded treat basket…

September 28, 2008 waterswife

Ok, so a several weeks ago they introduced an “incentive” program at work. They basically keep this large basket filled with treats for everyone to enjoy. The great part of this basket is that every single treat in the basket was 100 Calories or less. How great! But when they first put the basket out, I was really serious about not straying from our strict diet. So I avoided the basket like the plague. Instead I snacked on Sugar Free lifesaves (mind you, only like one a day, as they act like a laxitive (says so right on the bag)…ooo…thats a great diet idea! lol jk), tic tacs (again, not many as they DO have sugar in them, but they are only 2 cals each!), and gum. Judging by this picture, I like wintergreen! lol!
Dude, why doesn’t my grocery store have THIS many choices of tic tacs?! I find that the light green wintergreen tictacs are my favorite. Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of the white ones, I HATE their flavor! Kinda random, I know.

Well, in the last few weeks, our diet relaxed a little, as you know. And with my stress level sky high, I found it harder to resist the treat basket. So I gave in and had a 100 cal pack of something or other. “Oh, it’s just an extra 100 cals in my diet”, I thought as I happily chowed down on the deliciousness. An hour later, as I walked past the basket for the 30th time (hello…it’s RIGHT by the copy machine!!), I caught my hand reaching for a SECOND treat. I had been good for so long, I decided I deserved TWO. or three. maybe four. Oh my heck! FIVE?
Ok, so most days, I was not eating five! lol, but I was totally snacking! Not good. So as I was driving home from work earlier this week, I started thinking about this blog. I don’t have many readers right now…but I don’t want to let those few readers down. So I challenged myself to banish the treat basket once again. Wednesday came and went and I successfully avoided the basket! Thursday came and went with the same results. And even FRIDAY! I am SO proud of myself!! While at the store on Sat, I made sure to stock up with my Tic Tacs and gum, because I plan on keeping this trend up!

What sugar free or low sugar item do you like to much on to keep your mind off food? Is there anything at your work or home that you have to try your hardest to avoid? Let me know!


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  • 1. My Journey&hellip  | 

    Sugar free jello is awesome. I litterally make a package a day and eat the entire thing throughout the course of a day or two. It’s only 10 or 20 calories for a HUGE bowl and it’s really satisfying because it fills up your stomach. Also, add a little bit of cool whip lite to the top and you have a nice dessert! Hang in there…I’m so proud of you!

  • 2. Juice&hellip  | 

    I’m all about Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea. If you leave the tea bag in the mug the tea gets sweeter and sweeter. No calories, warm, cozy and yummy-spicy for fall.I’m a new blogger too – great to meet you!

  • 3. morewineplease&hellip  | 

    Your blog is awesome!!Welcome to the OSB!! I would love for you to email me your story for a post!!

  • 4. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    I stumbled upon your blog through OSB… and can I say, that I just read all of your posts and I am so inspired! On August 14th of this year I weighed 237 and started my diet. I see a “phat doctor” for assistance… but as of today, I am down 17 lbs! I am trying to lose 70 lbs but the one great tip the doc told me… is to take small steps! So now I just look ahead 1 week at a time… Work for me is really hard because we host and cater events every day so there is food everywhere! I just make sure to have my bottle of water and my gum with me at all times! :o) Please keep up with your blog… its a great success story for us out here trying to make a change for the better (for ourselves!)

  • 5. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    Aimee…I love all of the 100 cal snack packs! But, I am with you..trying to eat just one is a joke! LOL I think, ” ok,1 -100 calorie snack pack is not bad! “, only to find myself eating two or three…eek! LOLI am glad to see that others have joined along! I am thisclose to buying a camcorder ( like the flip that Ross uses) to document my weight loss, too, and post it on YouTube…am I NUTS?? LOL!Love ya,Sarah

  • 6. A Slimmer Me&hellip  | 

    Guess who has her own weight loss blog now? I’ve also joined Operation Skinny Bitch! LOL 🙂 We can do this!!!Love you!!!

  • 7. KDLOST&hellip  | 

    hi there OBS-er, just read your post… thanks for sharing! i LOVE sugar free (sucralose) lifesavers and also sugar free (once again sucralose-splenda) creamsicles! that’s my tip! 🙂 cheers!

  • 8. Nita&hellip  | 

    Woohoo! 45 down is a great start!I found your blog through OSB and I love how honest you are about everything. And girl, I am doing Jenny Craig. Food is like $80/wk (after my 20% discount) + another $30-40 for veggies. Before I even buy food for my husband (skinny ass that he is) and son. Jenny totally lets me have dessert every night. I love their Lemon Cake!Woohoo – Skinny Bitches are on their way!

  • 9. Kim&hellip  | 

    Just found you through OSB and love your blog! I just wanted to stop by and offer some encouragement. It’s tough to be on a diet when income declines – and stress is available in abundance! Keep your chin up!

  • 10. Giddy-Up&hellip  | 

    Just found you through OSB. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • 11. Ashley Griffin&hellip  | 

    I love your blog!!! Just got done reading it all!! i started my journey at 252! I never ever thought that I would see that number! but i did and so, here I am!I am going to a center called hienergy. is the website. they provide a bunch of stuff. Sadly, fruit is really my only sweet!! And not a lot of that either 😦

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