Chloe gets a punk rock haircut

September 28, 2008 waterswife

Super Chloe in action! She still loves to play soccer with these little balls. Our new apartment has a lot more open space (especially since we finally sold our extra couches) so she spends a lot of time running around and chasing her little soccer balls. We’ve notices that she has started to lose some of the belly weight she had gained. If only I could lose my belly weight now!I am sure ya’ll remember the last time we shaved Chloe. (If you don’t remember, click here and scroll down.) Anyway, she has grown all her fur back AND some! So we decided to give her another buzz. That way it controls her shedding and she’ll still have a bit of time to grow back some fur before the cold months. Like last time, this is going to be a two part process. Tonight was just part one. She was a LOT better behaved than last time and held still for us! Here are some pics:

(awww…she looks a little traumatized here!)
(here is her haircut so far. I think Tyson is going to keep the mohawk. lol, ok I kinda like it too!)
(please ignore that disgusting brownspot on the carpet. It’s right in front of her bowl. For some reason she likes to drop her food and eat it off the carpet. It’s kinda annoying and now I have to go buy some carpet cleaner!)
(Again, her haircut is not finished! lol, we just didnt want to torture her all in one day)

(super chloe!!!!!)

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