I need a money tree…

September 13, 2008 waterswife

Why is healthy food so expensive? I have had this conversation a zillion times with a zillion people. No one can seem to figure it out.

Due to a current situation, my husband and I find ourselves in a typical “life-is-hard-right-now” kind of moment. Which means that we have to take our diet safety net away for **HOPEFULLY** just a month, maybe two. So what does this mean for you? This blog is about to get a LOT more real. For the time being, no more diet and nutrition expert whispering in our ears what to do and how to do it. Also, this means less than half of our normal budget for groceries.

Yes, that less than half food budget is what REALLY is going to make the diet hard. Asparagus, my favorite green veggie is sitting currently at $4.99 a lb. A box of generic mac and cheese is 42 cents. What the heck???

So last Saturday, we walked up and down the isle of the grocery store and tried our best to get what we thought would work. Our plan is to keep eating the 6-7 times a day like normal. Breakfast will remain as close to our diet breakfast as possible, since of course, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” and don’t you forget it! Oatmeal is fairly inexpensive and so are eggs. The part we had to forgo was the strawberries. Oh how I loved fresh strawberries every morning. But they go bad too fast, and well, they are jumping up to higher prices now that their season is winding down.

So after wandering around for an hour, we finally staggered to the check out line. Mission accomplished! We spent less than half of what we normally spend in a week. And we even managed to buy a bunch of Healthy Choice Soups to stock our cupboard. (They were on sale, who can pass that up?)

Now I just need to find a scale. Otherwise, for the next bit, I am not going to have any idea where my weight is. Which by the way, the exact number the last time we weighed in was 311. My biggest hope for this next month is to at least maintain that number. It sucks SO bad to be so close to breaking back into the 200’s and have to take a break. I am hoping to push myself a little harder on the treadmill and hopefully I’ll still reach that goal in the next month.

Thank goodness for a FREE gym here at our apartment complex. And also, I am a member of the gym at work, which they deduct $4 a month from my paycheck for. I am hoping to go to that gym on the days that Tyson has school. Wish my luck!!

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  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    Healthy food is so expensive!!! It’s awful.

  • 2. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    Thinking of you and hoping that all is well!!! Hang in there, and don’t give up! :)Love,Sarah

  • 3. Christy&hellip  | 

    I’ve been blog jumping today and came across your blog – I am in the same boat you are in – I started my diet at the beginning of September and have lost 10 lbs in one month (YAY!) but hubby just told me that we really need to cut our food budget WAY down…so out the window goes my “healthy” foods. It makes me SOOO mad that healthy food is WAY more expensive than a box of mac and cheese or any other “boxed” food. Grrr….I would love to know what kind of foods you’re going to decide to use while on your strict budget! I’ve been trying to use things in my cupboards and turn them into healthier foods. It’s hard! good luck! (ps – came across your blog by OSB)

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