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September 7, 2008 waterswife

We’ve had a VERY stressful, emotional, hectic week…all of which I will blog about in due time. I just am still gathering my thoughts about all that has happened. But we do want to send a special THANK YOU to our friends and family members who have been supporting us in every way they can. We love you all and feel your prayers and good thought!

Anyway there are two things that happened that I can show you in pictures:

1) I changed my license plate holder. Through out college and after, I had this whole “Princess” mentality. But now I am older, married, and more mature (at least I think lol) and I have been trying to steer away from Princess. I’ve already changed my main email (which had the word princess in it) and next on my list was my license plate holder…2) About once a year, my allergies take a turn for the worse and attack my eyes…giving me a pink eye infection of sorts. Usually it will spread to both eyes, but I was luck enough to just have one eye infected this time. I felt bad though, because it started on Monday, which was Labor Day…and the next day it was worse and there was NO way I could work, because working for me is staring at a computer and I couldn’t see! So I had to call in sick. I felt bad for turning my weekend into a FOUR day one…and I actually took these pictures in case I was magically better the next day. But (un)lucky for me, it was still really red and my boss could obviously see I was not faking this illness! haha…


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  • 1. Paige and Dan&hellip  | 

    I hope your eye gets better! My husband has the same thing right now, weird? Thanks for the shout out to Natalia! You are too sweet. Hope Chloe had a fun bday!!P.S. Did you see Ross’ blog today with him on Days? What’d you think? 🙂

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