Have you seen me?

August 31, 2008 waterswife

Have you seen the above cord? It’s a black cord, with gold tips that plugs my iPod into my car stereo. If you HAVE seen it, tell the person who had it thanks for at least not breaking my window when you broke into my car and stole it!!

Yes, that is right, my car got broken into. Jason, Tyson and I came out of my apartment to head to a movie and I noticed my car door was open a tiny bit. Confused, I walked over to it and noticed that my glove box was open and there was stuff all over my passenger seat. UGH!! My trunk was popped open too, but nothing was taken. Also that cord was the only thing missing from my car…and it’s only worth maybe $15.

At my last job, cars were broken into all the time, and every time I lucked out. I don’t have a nice car at all, and I never keep anything of any value in it. I didn’t even have any CD’s in my car because I had brought them all in the apartment to rip onto iTunes.

So, now I feel icky that some one was in my car. I really lucked out…I mean, they didn’t break my window to get in. Meaning either I left the door unlocked (which would have been the first time ever, most people know I lock my keys in my car more often then I leave the door unlocked) or they picked the lock. Also, I was afraid my battery was dead because of the door being open. But randomly the person had turned off my overhead light, so YAY, no dead battery on top of everything else. Sigh. Stupid thieves.


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  • 1. Amanda&hellip  | 

    Super lame that they broke in, but SO lucky they didn’t take anything else or break your window!

  • 2. Paige and Dan&hellip  | 

    Scary! At least they didn’t take anything else–they must have really been looking for a cord like that! 🙂 Pretty considerate of them to leave the light off like that too…

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