Pics from the 4th and 25th (not to be confused with the 24th)

July 27, 2008 waterswife

Well FINALLY I am posting about our July holidays! Our 4th was pretty fun and low key. We picked up my sister and went to the Provo City Fair thing. It was fun…and I have to say that the booths were really awesome. I already posted a link to the headband I got there. Go to to see how cute they are. Then we all went to Tyson’s mom’s and had a bonfire with turkeydogs and made s’mores. mmmm. Here are the pics:

(Our first 4th as a married couple! Super cute!)

(Tyson was our amazing firework lighter for the evening)

(I lit a few too! Man, can you tell it was HOT that night?)

Since my company is a national one, the 24th was a regular day for us. But we got out early on the 25th as that night was our work summer party at the BEES game!! I was excited…mostly because I knew they were doing a firework show at the end, and since I missed all the other big shows this year…it was worth it to go!

(BUZZ…I mean STINGERS…I mean the BEES)

(It’s us! Dontcha love my tiny pigtails?)

(We had an amazing view of my favorite letter!)

(this firework looked like a dandelion)

(I liked how red this one was)

(I almost wore this same outfit!! Sorry, but who wears a TINY skirt and heals to a baseball game??)

(And for those who like to watch fireworks…here you go! They are only about a minute each. The second one you will hear me scream as tons of ash fall out of the sky onto us. It was funny)


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amanda&hellip  | 

    My favorite thing about this post: the picture of the girl in the mini skirt/heels.I totally take pictures like that all the time – I need to post them!

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    i wonder who gets all dressed up in skirts to go on an airplane…me and the kids are in pj’s practically! sounds like a fun july!

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