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June 7, 2008 waterswife

Ya know when you have nothing to blog about, and so you blog about conference talks and your cat chasing a bug? Yeah, our life has been super boring the last few months, and we’ve loved every moment of it! But…all good things must come to an end! I have a mixed bag of things to update everyone on…so lets get to it!

#1. I am not sure what I can say about this part yet, so all I am going to say is that there is going to be a new addition to our family (I am NOT pregnant!!) But I am just so thrilled about this new addition!!!!! I will blog about it as soon as I know for sure that I am allowed to.

#2. Jobs. Sigh. On one hand, I am LOVING my job. I just found out I had turned in the most requests in a competition we had last week, and so I get a $25 gift card! GO ME! For being the newest on the team, that ain’t too bad! Yesterday, we took pictures for this national medical staff services week that is coming up. Our CEO’s favorite color is orange, so we all got matching orange shirts in honor of him. When he came to take the pic with us and saw the shirts, he had the brilliant idea to go get his Fararri to be in the pic!! Here is a pic I took with my cell phone. On the other hand, Tyson has been looking for a job in SLC. Well, now he has the chance to look for a job full time. After months, even years of speculation, his work did yet ANOTHER round of lay offs, and unfortunately, Tyson was included in that round. It’s a blessing in disguise really. The fuel prices were killing us with him having to drive to Orem and back 4 times a week. And I REALLY, REALLY hated his company. So everyone please keep us in your prayers that Tyson will not only find a job soon….but a job that he can be happy and excel at.

#3. Another blessing in disguise. (I am calling Tyson’s lay off and this next one that, to keep from succumbing to the stress of it all) Our lease is FINALLY up!!!!!!! After a year of one thing after another…we get to move!!! Let’s review this last year, shall we? First of all, we purposely got our apartment a month before the wedding so that we could take our time moving everything over. Well, it took us the entire month to fight with the complex to get us a new apartment!! The people who lived below us were major chain smokers and our apartment smelled like a casino. No, worse! They finally moved us to a new apartment the week before the wedding. That was July/August. Flashforward to October. That is when we had the Fire Fiasco. (Click here for that blog) Now lets jump to December. That is what I like to call Snake Scare! (Click here for THAT blog) We basically hate everyone who works at the office. We refer to the assistant office manager as the Stupid One…because, well, she is. And to the office manager as The Mean One…again, she just is. They are constantly changing their office hours and not telling anyone. Last month we got a violation notice because there was a roll of carpet out on our balcony. Um…hello? Ya’ll left it there from when we moved in!! We threw the carpet over the balcony and onto the lawn, and that solved that problem! But then a few weeks ago, Tyson was in the shower when a repair man just decided to walk into our apartment!! Now granted, they did try and call first, but Tyson was in the shower and didn’t hear his phone! They are SO lucky it wasn’t me that was home alone when they came in.
Ugh, I could go on and on. But the good news is that we are moving!!!! We looked at apartments all over the east side, but we found our perfect one…just one street away! But we are very excited and we are moving in a month and a half. We’ll be on the top floor, have vaulted ceilings, french doors to our balcony, a WORKING fire place, and our washer and dryer will be IN our apartment! And Tyson wants me to add that there is a back door. “A back door in an apartment!!! It’s cool!” -Tyson. Here is the floor plan:#4. Of course there has to be a Chloe update! Chloe’s shedding was becoming unbearable! So I came home from work with an appointment with a groomer, and Tyson came home with a pair of pet clippers. After much debate, I canceled the appointment. Needless to say, even though Tyson won the battle, we had to compromise to settle the war. Chloe was NOT a good girl for her haircut. It took us TWO days, several tears, several bite marks, and several cuts before we decided that she will be going to the groomer next spring, and we will just do the upkeep on our own.

(the before pic. Look at how fluffy she is!!)
(after round one. yes, it IS a sad sight!)
(finally! she almost looks good now!)Chloe’s haircut is not the only evidence that she is in a “terrible two” like stage. She has taken a liking to stealing our headphones and biting through the cord. She has successfully ruined not one, not two, but THREE pairs of headphones. The other day I woke up out of a dead sleep because I heard her jumping off Tyson’s bedside table with his pair!
(here’s hoping that my cute new pink ones last longer than a week!)

Headphone chomping is not her only hobby. She has discovered the joy of toiletpaper unraveling!! Maybe it will be the newest form of animal art. You know the paintings that elephant did up at the zoo sell for thousands of dollars!

Well, that’s all I have for now! I know this was an extremely long blog, so thanks for reading it all the way!! I hope it was as entertaining for ya’ll to read as it was for us to live! 😉

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Paige & Dan&hellip  | 

    Fun to hear an update! That’s too bad about Tyson’s job but hopefully he will find something even better. Chloe looks too cute with her hair cut. Good luck with the move!

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    i’m glad you got a new place to live. whoa, that 2nd pic of chloe was crazy! she looks good though. goodluck w/ the job searches and i’m excited to hear the new news…

  • 3. Annie & Mike&hellip  | 

    HELLO! Tell us more about the new addition!!!

  • 4. US&hellip  | 

    what fun you guys have with your cat!! Someday we’ll get a pet… 🙂 I’m excited to hear the great new addition!! I’ll check back later!

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