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April 2, 2008 waterswife

so i have random things on my mind tonight:

1. with this in the news, it has me thinking…WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING?! Again and again we see small children go missing because no one is watching them! Here is the deal: is it the parent’s fault that there are sick, sick people in this world? no! do they have control over everything possible? no. do they deserve to live in a world where their kids can play without parental supervision? of course!! But the sick, sad truth is that we don’t live in a perfect world. we live in a day and age where we just have to be so careful! we have to lock our doors, look behind us when we walk alone, and we have to hold on as tight as we can to our precious little ones. Sigh. it’s just so frustrating. but moving on to other topics.

2. so I feel like I am catching on at work. I love that i love to go to work! i really, really enjoy what i do. part of my job is calling the doctor’s professional references. well, today i got this email from one of the managers….names have been changed to protect the innocent 🙂


I’ve been privileged to hear you making a few several reference calls over the past few days and way to go! You are professional, polite; and you have been able to obtain even a few under tight circumstances with the dr starting next day (Dr. so-and-so). References seem to be compliant in fulfilling your pleas of urgency; and you’ve even been able to turn a few into potential leads for sales team business just in your few minutes of speaking with them! Keep up the good work!!

Jane Doe
Quality Assurance Manager

i LOVE her little strike through! lol and she cc’ed it to my supervisor and her supervisor! yay!

3. with my new ipod, comes a new obsession. iTunes and iTunes gift cards!!! lol.

4. ladies…if you do not already own this mascara…RUN to the nearest store and get some…it’s fabu-LASH!


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  • 1. marie-etta&hellip  | 

    Hooray for being praised at work!Where did you get your title thing? I want one!

  • 2. Maegan & Mark&hellip  | 

    Can I just say how hillarious that video of that seal dancing to Michael Jackson was!? My kids loved watching it too! Sounds like you are doing well. Talk to you later!

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