the cat who could type and the girl who talked in her sleep

March 27, 2008 waterswife

After work today, I was driving to my nail appointment and was on the phone with Tyson. I guess Tyson was in the den on his computer. Suddenly, Tyson starts shouting: “CHLOE! Get off my keyboard! What the?? How did you do that?!?!” Apparently, Chloe jumped up on the keyboard, somehow typed “O87”, and then started the spell check! And no, that is not ZERO-87, thats a capital o. Our kitten is a genius! Now if only we knew what O87 means and why she wanted to spell check it…

In other news, I noticed a random cord sticking out of my car yesterday near the lever that you pull to pop the hood. I forgot to ask Tyson to look at it yesterday, so when I got home tonight, I brought it up. All I got to say is “so there is this red cord sticking out of my car…” and Tyson says “I know, you told me last night.” I did??? Tyson says that I told him “some one broke into my car, without breaking the window and cut my breaks.” I said it was a “red cord down by the “”flapper”” for the hood.” I guess I was really worried that my breaks were cut!! He even said that he asked me if I got home okay, and I said yes. LOL! Hello, I was home in bed. Of course I got home ok! I wonder what else I say in my sleep!!!!!


Entry Filed under: aimee-isms, chloe-isms, funny

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