hi ho, hi ho…it’s off to work i go!

March 9, 2008 waterswife

I started my new job this week….and I love it!! First of all, the building is awesome! I love the interior design. And I know this is sad, but i love my cubicle. It’s nice having my own desk, and putting up my pictures, and not having patients put their hands all over them. Everyone on my team is really, really nice. I got to sit with various members last week and this next week and learn from them. It’s nice that we get to wear jeans and be comfortable while we work (although i DO miss wearing scrubs!!!!) and also, everyone listens to their ipods while they work! So I am going to enjoy that! I got to meet the CEO and the COO, and they are pretty awesome guys. It’s nice that their BHAGS (big, hairy audacious goals) for the year are: 1. to become a $1 billion dollar company and 2. to make Forbes top 100 companies to work for. Last year they just barely missed that list. The company is big on taking surveys, and they are VERY interested in what their employees have to say. I guess they just moved into this building a few months ago, and when they built it, they put an extra women’s bathroom on each floor because of what was said on the survey. I mean WOW. Could this place be any better?

Oh yes…it gets better! Every morning they have baskets of fresh fruit in the break room. And the break room…has lots of comfy seats, and a HUGE window that looks over the valley, with a bar against it, so every day i have sat at the bar and looked over the valley, eating my lunch. Except for Monday and Friday when they actually took me out to lunch. On Fridays they have mini parties to celebrate that the week went well, so we had chips and salsa and virgin margaritas this last Friday. Oh my heck, i could go on and on! It’s nice to have a company that actually LISTENS to it’s employees. The actual work is going to be very challenging and I am nervous about that, but having a great support system makes all the difference.

Anyway, off to bed early…stinkin’ daylight savings time! Anyone else annoyed by losing an hour? haha!


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