a little time to vent…

March 1, 2008 waterswife

So the time has come to spill my guts. Thanks for all your emails, phone calls, and texts. Ya’ll really have been amazing friends and family.

The cause of my mental breakdown is largely related to work. I refrained from blogging about it because I didn’t want to get “dooced”. (click on that word if you don’t know what I am talking about) I really loved my job. I loved working with people who are ill and helping to make them better. And it was wonderful when people appreciated me and what I had done to help them, even if it was just my “job”. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect bells and whistles from people. I expect common courtesy. I expect to be treated with the same respect I showed you. Now the majority of my patients treated me very well, or at least acknowledged that I existed. Some even became dear friends to me.

But unfortunately, the small percentage of people that were rude to me effected me more than those who were kind. I started working with thick skin, but over the years, I really started to get down about it. I have had patient throw everything at me from their insurance cards to pens to clipboards. Oh yeah, those were fun people to help. I’m sorry, but when you go to a doctor’s office, why is it such a shocker that we ask for your insurance card? AND on that same token, why do you not have your insurance card with you?! And for the record, it is not MY fault you have a bill with us. You can thank your insurance company and their deductible plans for that. I hate it when I am trying to help some one, and they get on their cell phone…and then tell the person on the phone they are sorry when I interrupt. Uh….I WAS TRYING TO HELP YOU FIRST! My personal favorite is when I am giving the patients instructions, and they just walk away. I am sorry that my trying to help you inconvenienced you. It is just shocking to me how rude people have been. When it got to the point that I would come home from work and just start sobbing, Tyson and I made the decision that I needed to find employment elsewhere.So my supervisor at the clinic I worked for before this one, now works for an awesome company that credentials and finds temp and permanent placement for doctors and other healthcare professionals. I applied for an entry level job with them, and after a phone interview, online test, and face to face interview with two supervisors, I got a call that they wanted me to come in AGAIN and interview for a level 2 job! So I did and I got it! My official title is “Level 2 Administrative Assistant” and I’ll be in the credentialing department. To top it all off, they offered me more an hour than I asked. I never thought I’d want a cubical and have a “paperwork” job, but I think it’s the right move at this time for me.

I start Monday….which is also Tyson’s birthday! So, it’s a good day for everyone!


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  • 1. marie-etta&hellip  | 

    Hooray for a new job!

  • 2. Janet&hellip  | 

    Bravo!I love people, but often times they really suck and can be very rude.Everything happens for a reason…Hopefully the people you will be working with now won’t be as rude…but don’t get your hopes up… I hope this job brings you some personal peace so that you can continue to be the awesome person you really can be.

  • 3. Paige & Dan&hellip  | 

    I used to be a secretary at a mental health clinic and had some VERY interesting experiences! I can totally relate to dealing with difficult and rude patients. I’m sorry you had to go through that but at least things are looking up now. It’s amazing how tough challenges in our lives bring about experience and change for the better. Congrats on the new job! Keep us posted.

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