two sick ladies

February 21, 2008 waterswife

So i haven’t felt very well the last few weeks and Chloe has been good to snuggle up to me and take naps with me.

Well Chloe had her surgery tuesday, so i returned the favor and have been snuggling with her.
Look at the little nest we made her on the bed. She doesnt have to move for any reason this way.
If you are going to have casts, make sure they are at least cute! AND PINK! I have to say, i never thought i would love a cat this much. I grew up with dogs, outdoor dogs at that. I always hated cats. So when i married a cat person, we knew we would compromise and get a cat now and a puppy later when we have a backyard. from the minute i saw chloe’s picture, i knew she’d fit right in with our family. she’s such a sweet little soul. she knows that i am not used to cats, so she acts like a puppy as much as possible. she chases her tail, she likes to lick us, she snuggles up to me and sleeps with us at night. i must admit, it gives me great satisfaction that she just wants to be held by her mommy right now. she likes to put her ear up to my heart and listen. she wouldn’t eat after her surgery, and it felt good that she finally ate, but only when i put her food in my hand. she has been there for me through my problems, and i am glad that i can be there for her as she goes through this. i love this little kitten…oh boy, is it the end of the world???


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  • 1. marie-etta&hellip  | 

    Aww.. poor Chloe! Did you have her declawed? At least her ear isn’t broken like Penelope’s!

  • 2. US&hellip  | 

    hope you two feel better soon!!!!

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