Mika Mika Mika

February 10, 2008 waterswife

For our valentine’s day present, Tyson and I went to the Mika concert on Friday night with Jason and Kari. Aside from the fact that I had a major mental breakdown about ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for the concert (I will blog about that someday soon) it was the best small concert I have ever been to. We got there and I was still in a numb mood, and we had to wait in a very long line. And we waited. And waited. Well over an hour later, maybe two, they finally started to let us in. We were promptly given $10 each back. NICE! Apparently Mika’s stuff got stuck in the snow on it’s way from their last concert and rather than canceling the concert, they refunded some back and did an acoustic show. I think the acoustic show was better than anything else he could have done. I just wish I had been feeling better.

Here is a pic of Mika:

Here is a pic I took from my phone:
Here is a video that some one took, it starts out bad, but it turns out to be pretty good:

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  • 1. Paige & Dan&hellip  | 

    I heard you on Ross’ talky blog!! How random! I can’t believe he picked you out of all those numbers. He’s so nice. Hope everything works out with a job and that you’re in better spirits soon. So fun to hear you!!

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    hehe, i like Mika too! i like to listen to him on the treadmill! what a interesting fellow!

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