the toothfairy will be paying us a visit!

February 7, 2008 waterswife

So our darling little Chloe-bug turned 5 months yesterday!!! She has FINALLY started to sleep through most of the night. She has been sleeping at the top of my pillow, which of course I LOVE. Now instead of waking me up by jumping up on me, i wake up to her rolling over my head, or brushing my hair with her nails. it’s like getting a scalp massage in my sleep! Before we got Chloe, I asked Tyson a million questions about cats. I told him that I wanted her to sleep on my pillow, and he said that she would never do it. uh huh. lol. it’s been like 5 nights in a row now!

In other news about Chloe… she started to grow her adult fangs. So instead of 4, she has 8. it’s weird, like she has two teeth out of each spot. I know this pic is blurry, but you can kind of see at the top her double fangs.

So today when I got home from work and I was cuddling with Chloe, i noticed that her EIGHT fangs are now SEVEN! Our little girl lost a tooth!!! Looks like we’ll be looking for a dollar under our pillow tonight!

And here are some more pics:

(aw she loves her new piggie from park city)

(why are these all so blurry, dang it! lol)
(kinda creepy but cool looking eyes)
(tyson went on a boys night, so chloe and i put all her toys on the bed and played all night. check her out doing her favorite “rubber chicken” pose)
(too cute)

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