Utah blows….whooooooosh!

January 5, 2008 waterswife

So our New Years eve consisted of us sitting at home. Tyson woke up on the 31st with a nasty stomach illness. SOoOO… We canceled our plans and spent the night at home. Now, I work in a clinic, so I have seen my share of blood and guts. But I cannot stomach (no pun intended) throw up. Oh yeah, I’ve had patients throw up on my desk, next to my desk, in front of my desk…and every time I have to do everything in my power not to do the same. So poor Tys was on his own. In between bathroom sessions though, I tried my best to take care of him. At one point I decided to give him a back rub. All was going well until I decided to do the fist twist (you know where you make a fist and spin it in circles on the person’s back). Tyson freaked out and shouted: “OW! You just braided 5 of my hairs into one!!” I guess the fist twist is not so great when you are wearing your wedding ring.

Well, Tyson felt a lot better the next day and we enjoyed our few days off work! Speaking of work, I had a long, crazy day today. But the worst part was when I left work to find out that my car wouldn’t start. Now, I’ll take my car not starting over the two cars in the parking lot that got broken into. Yeah, real nice. I felt bad for one girl, she just started working for us last week and she already learned the ugly truth to our parking lot. (broken windows happen WAY too often) Anyway, back to my car (this is MY blog after all haha, I’m a brat) Anyway, it wouldn’t start. Well, this has happened so many times, that I can almost guarantee that it’s flooded. My car floods at least once every few months, and I DO NOT step on the gas when I start it. So I call Tyson to come and rescue me. He drives at mock speed and gets to my work and calls his tow service. We decide to bypass the mechanic and just tow it to our complex, because we both know that it will drain over the weekend and then it’ll be just fine again. So while we are sitting in Tyson’s car waiting for the tow truck to come, we are admiring how freaking windy and dark it is. I mean, it’s WINDY! All sorts blew past our cars…egg cartons, tumble weeds, newspapers, etc. Tyson suddenly says “hey there is a dog behind us!” I turn around and try and make out the big black blob that is in the road. I decide that it’s not a dog, but the neighbor’s garbage bin. But it keeps moving, so I don’t know. All the sudden, this mystery object starts RUNNING towards our car!! I freak out and scream at Tyson that the dog is going to attack our car…when we realize it IS a garbage bin. The wind was blowing so hard it was pushing this thing fast! Well, it ended up blowing right past our car and about thirty more feet up the road where it collided head on with another parked car, bounced off the bumper, and flew into the person’s yard. I about peed my pants laughing! Ohhhh what a day!

Well, we are getting a surprise tomorrow…so check back! If I don’t blog about it tomorrow, I will soon! I promise! It’s worth the wait!


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