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December 7, 2007 waterswife

So let me set this scene. It’s been a long day at work and both Tyson and I are excited to spend a nice, quiet, snowy Friday night at home…no drama, no stress, no NOTHING! I got home well before Tyson so I order some pizza online. The wait time was over an hour and I am hungry so I go to the kitchen and have a little snake…I mean snack. Well my little snack made me thirsty, so I grab my water bottle and head back to the kitchen. That is when I see it…A SNAKE!!! I FREAK OUT AND DROP MY WATER BOTTLE…spilling water all over.

Oh my heck, “It’s a PLASTIC snake!” I tell myself. “Dang it, Tyson! Why would you put a plastic snake in our kitchen before you left for work. this is sooo not funny!!”

And….then….it….moved! no. no. no. no. no! Why is this plastic snake moving?! ohh no! It’s real! HELLO?! I do not live in the desert! I do not even live near a field!! I LIVE IN THE CITY! NEAR STATE STREET! ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!! How in THE HELL (sorry for a cuss word!) DO YOU GET A SNAKE IN YOUR KITCHEN?!

At this point I start hyperventilating and call Tyson in a panic. “WHERE ARE YOU?! THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE KITCHEN!!! DRIVE FASTER!” I also realize that I am wearing THE worst possible pj pants EVER! They are super cute, but they have draw strings that dangle down and of course they felt like snakes. After removing the snake string pj’s, I looked around the corner and saw the horrible snake and started screaming again! But not before I took this pic (on ultra zoom…I’m not getting THAT close to it!)

Well FINALLY my hero gets home and sees what I am freaking out about. And he deems that I could have handled myself better, but I was justified in freaking out. We had just bought a trash bin for our laundry room and it was still sitting in the living room. Tyson grabbed that and put it over the snake. Then he took a capt’n crunch box and cut it so it was flat and he slid that under the bin. Next he took a spatula and flipped the whole thing over. Now that it was trapped we could look at it closer and get better pictures!

You can’t tell, but it’s 1.5-2 feet long. it’s tan, with darker tan diamonds. And it had red eyes. YUCK!! Tyson took a long walk with it and released it into the snow. But not before we named it SANDY. lol.

Well, that was our drama for the night. Now I am off to eat my cold pizza!


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Bebbi&hellip  | 

    woah! egads

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    dude! i would scream too…and possibly throw up…i mean i’m not scared of snakes at the pet shop or zoo…or even petting one someone is holding…but heck no, one better not show up in my house!!!!!

  • 3. Dr_Dan&hellip  | 

    SNAKEEEE!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

  • 4. Michael's Bride&hellip  | 

    Ew, not cool! Find out where that snake came in at and plug up the hole!!!

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