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November 6, 2007 waterswife

The following is an email that i sent my team last week about customer service. let me know what you think!

From: Aimee Waters
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 11:30 AM
To: FrontDeskNorth
Subject: customer service

Hey Team,

Sorry this is a long email, but it’s a good one, I promise! So I wanted to share a story with you, and relate it to us as workers in the customer service field. Most of you have already heard it, but I really think it’s a good reminder for all of us.

So we all remember two weeks ago…my mom was in the hospital and we were starting our new computer system. That Tuesday was just a crazy day for all of us, and when I left work, there was nothing I wanted more than to just go home and relax. Imagine my horror when I found the entrance to my apartment complex blocked by several fire engines and police cars. There was a large cloud of smoke looming above my apartment complex and we were told (by another resident) that there was a gas line explosion and that one of the apartment buildings was on fire. We had no more information than that. My husband and I parked our cars and rushed to the two police officers who were standing guard at the entrance. As we got to them, a third police officer was escorting a small group of residents inside the complex. I asked on officer if he knew what was going on and I got a gruff “There is a fire, stand back.” Ignoring his request, I asked if he knew what building was on fire. The reply back was a sharp “NO! STAND BACK.” Still not satisfied, I asked why the group of residents ahead of us was allowed to enter. This time, in a condescending tone, the answer given to me was “BECAUSE.” After such a long, emotional, exhausting day this was the last thing I needed. And to make matters worse, the one person I was counting on to help make the situation better, was being completely rude and not understanding of my feelings or the situation we were in. At this point I broke down in to tears.

So what is the moral of my sad story and how does it relate to us? Well, if the officer had just been a little nicer to me, I wouldn’t have felt like my world was ending. The officer had no idea what kind of day I was having. All he knew was that it was his job to keep people away from the fire and he did not care about his tone of voice or the words he was saying. The point of our job is to check patients in correctly and get them set to go to the back. We have no idea if the patient we are helping is in a good mood, or had a bad day, or just really needs some one to smile at them. So after my experience two weeks ago, I’ve decided that I wanted to step up my customer service skills. No matter how tired I am, how frustrated I am that the last 5 patients did have their insurance card, or how confused I am by the new system, I want each patient to feel like they were treated with the most respect I had to offer.

I know it is frustrating and I know we have been super busy lately, but I need each and every one of you to remember that the Golden Rule. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Let’s all try and think about what we are saying before we say it. Is there another way to say what we need to in a kinder way? I know we have said it over and over, but most the patients are just learning that we have a new system and need their information. I know also know how hard it is when we are being as nice as can be and the patient is rude back to us. We need to keep a smile on our face and kill them with kindness. Maybe the kind way we treat them will pay forward and they will treat some one else with kindness.

You are all doing a wonderful job and I want to thank each of you for your extra work these past few weeks! We have an awesome team and I know that the change over was and still is quite a situation. I am proud to have you all on my team. Thank you again!


North Front Desk Supervisor


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  • 1. Nesser&hellip  | 

    You’re a great leader, obviously!

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