October 17, 2007 waterswife

So I wanted to blog about our wedding next, but then something scary happened and I want to blog about that so that I have it documented.

Last Tuesday we came home from work to find that we couldn’t enter the complex. there was cop cars and fire engines all over the place. The cops were real jerks and wouldn’t tell us anything except that there was a building on fire. We were all so scared! But this cop was such a jerk! They let a few people into the complex and when we asked why they could ent the way they treated us was just not accepter and we couldn’t…the jerk answered with a rude “because”. Well, I am not 5. Telling me “because” is not good enough. Standing with us was one girl who knew it was her building because her husband was inside the complex watching it burn! But they wouldn’t let her in. Also there was a tiny, sweet, old lady who had food on the stove and her building was right in front of us. But they wouldn’t let her in either. And when they told them they couldn’t enter…they did it so rudely! How would they feel if their home was on fire?? We were all scared and tired and emotional. Butable. It really disappointed me and made me lose faith in our police system.

When we were finally let in, we found our place was safe. But the building just down from us was still on fire but it was quickly being put out. I guess that there was an explosion on the gas line and the fire caught the building on. It was just scare and sad. We were very blessed to not be hurt at all.

Here is the link to the story


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